Yingwei Li
     Undergraduate Student
     School of Computer Science, Fudan University

     Email: liyw96 at gmail dot com
     505 Unit 1, 1433 Cailun Rd, Shanghai 201203, China
     Tel: (+86)-18321985958

     Curriculum Vitae

About me

I am a senior undergraduate at Fudan University, Shanghai, China, majoring in Computer Science. In 2017 Spring, I spent wonderful five months as an exchange student in National Taiwan University.

I joined Shanghai Key Laboratory of Intelligent Information Processing in 2015, under the supervision of Prof. Xiangyang Xue and Prof. Wei Zhang.

From Jun to Step 2016, I worked with Dr. Naiyan Wang, a principal scientist, as an algorithm intern at Tusimple.

Since July 2017 I have been working with Bloomberg Distinguished Professor Alan Yuille as a Research Assistant in Center for Imaging Science at Johns Hopkins University

Research Interests

My primary interests lie in the field of Computer Vision, Artificial Intelligence, and Understanding Deep Neural Network.